Monday, November 7, 2016

LA again November 7. 2016

Dear Family,

     This week seemed to just blow by. It was fun though. We went to the LA Visitors Center with Martin and had a super good time. The Nash family took us, they are super awesome. Brother Nash drives aggressively and loves his horn, haha. It is rather funny to be in the car with him, but he is a really good driver. Anyway, at the Visitors Center we watched some videos that were super bomb. One of them was Meet the Mormons but the extended part, the part that you can only watch in Visitor Centers. We watched  the video on The Horseman. Pretty much he is a cowboy and made some references about how we are kind of like horses in the fact that we need to be submissive and trusting in our master. It was good. Mainly, the whole focus of everything that we watched was to help Martin realize how to get an answer whether the Church is true because once he does he is ready to go. He believes it all pretty much and he does what he needs to so he is on the right path. He is super awesome. And, of course, we got to drive through LA. We drove down Hollywood Blvd and saw all the stars on the side walk and went down some other famous streets. It was fun. We ate at some crazy place called Lala's in LA for dinner. I had a steak that just had so much garlic on it, for real so much garlic but what are you gonna do. 
     We had some members from our last area ( me and Elder Miuras area (Cerritos 1st)) take us to dinner and they ordered so much food. We went to a place called Panda Inn so it was Asian. There was 5 of us and they bought enough food for 10 of us, so much food, so much rice, ha, but we love rice. It is one of our favorite things to eat in the trio. Fried rice and pot-stickers, so good. That and this pizza place called Pizza Studio. We go there all the time as well.
     I also got a little sick this week. It was lame but we still worked and I feel fine now, just have a lot of boogies coming out of my face. I know that is exactly what you wanted to hear, your welcome:) 
     We met a guy named Steve yesterday and this man seems to do it all. He is a cook and a cyclist, and a photographer for USA basketball and he is a skydiving instructor, and he writes books on the Constitution and is into all that good stuff. He is a pretty interesting guy. I feel like when we see him again he will tell us some other things that he has done in his life. Some people, man. 
Well, I love you guys.
Elder Richards

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