Monday, September 28, 2015

Tender Mercies September 28, 2015

Dear Family,
           So to start out, I will talk about the awesome lesson that we had with our new investigator Rose. She was a referral. She is very nice and super curious about the Church, wants to know everything-- she tells us, ha. When we started, you could totally feel the Spirit, she even cried when we talked about how God loves her. Then the really awesome part is when we were teaching about the first vision, she was looking at the picture of the first vision while we told of the account. After we finished, she looked up at us and said, "I don't know why, but I feel like this is true." Now on the inside I'm just like DING DING you are correct! haha But on the outside we taught her about the Holy Ghost and how he speaks to us. The Spirit was strong and it's always awesome to see how the Lord prepares people for us to talk to. 
          Other things that happened this week: First, we have dinner with this one family, literally every Tuesday. We were talking on Sunday and the point came up that I have never had In-n-Out burger before.  The mother's eyes widened as she said "Never had In-n-Out burger before!? Well, guess where we are going on Tuesday". haha So on Tuesday, September 22nd, I had In-n-Out for the first time in my life. To say how the experience went, it was... good. I liked the burger but the fries weren't too good, haha. When I told Sister Vamanrov (the mother ) this, she said, "Oh I guess that's alright because you grew up eating Five Guys so I guess it makes sense you would like it better" but I could tell her eyes just said, you're wrong. In-n-Out is better." hahaha. Good times. We went back to In-n-Out later and I got a four by four and it was pretty good. 
          Another thing that happened that actually kinda salty. We were like a 20 min bike ride from home and it was 8:30 so we had to be home in 30 min. While we were trying to figure out who we could try by in the next ten mins before we went home, I looked down at my tire and saw a little speck or thingy on my tire. I'm like "hmm, lets brush that off". As soon as I did, a whole ton of air was rushing out of my tire. Apparently the little thingy was a little thorn that had put a hole in my tire. Like I said, salty because now a 20 min bike ride became a 40 min walk or something like that. But in that moment I turned around and beheld the YSA Elders with their car.  (Elders assigned to work with the age group of Young Single Adults) Immediately I call them over. We disassembled the bikes and somehow fit every thing into the car and got a ride home. We got home on time and that was most definitely a tender mercy from the Lord that the YSA Elders just happened to be on just the same street that we were on. Nailed it.
   So I love you guys, keep things awesome and the Church is true, may the Spirit be with you ... always 

                                                                                                  Love, Elder Richards

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sup September 21, 2015

Dear Family,
         Well this week we found some investigators and they seem pretty solid, and I'm excited. That's a miracle but the thing that happened this week that I thought was kinda crazy was... rain. It actually rained in California. We got up and went for our morning run and it was raining, oh it was so nice. But the big prob with that is I'm pretty sure that California people aren't used to rain so no one knows how to drive in the rain, haha ITS A TRAP! haha
         An awesome thing happened this weekend. We had another baptism, yeah! It was a little stressful because of some planning things that happened but the whole thing went well and smooth so it was really good. Then on Sunday guess who was asked to confirm. This guy. Yup, so I was able to confirm Nu a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. That was my first confirmation and it was Awesome! the Spirit was strong. 
         So really it was a pretty normal week for me other then those things....and its the end of the first transfer.  The results of what's happening to me next are... wait for it ... I'm staying in the same spot with Elder Anderson. haha So nothing really changing but that's all good in the hood. 
         Just on a funny note, we helped set up a mid-singles dance. We blew up balloons and little blow up animals. But the funny part was after the lady that we helped set up the whole shindig was like I'm so glad that you guys helped because those balloons were filled with Elder air so I know that the Spirit was there. haha not wrong 😎 haha.
        General Conference is coming up and I'm super pumped for it. Pretty sure we get to watch it. You are going to have to send me a picture of the finished puzzle, if you finish it of course haha. 
          Well, love you guys and hope the best for you and that ceiling ha. The Church is true 
            Love Elder Richards

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Influenced Mistake September 14, 2015

Dear Fam,
            Well, this week was pretty normal but I will tell you the story of what I'm am going to call my "influenced mistake". There is a cheap housing complex that we go to and we were there looking for this less active dude named Alma. Usually I'm pretty good at remembering where the people live in this place, so I went straight for this one door but my companion implored me that that was the wrong door and it was the one next to it. But I was so sure that it was that door but we knocked on the other door. No one answered so we were about to move on to our next thing but I just went over to the other door and knocked on it anyway. As soon as the guy opened the door, I knew I was wrong, haha, but after a few words he expressed how he wanted to actually talk to us and asked us to come over later. So we chatted a little and I handed him a pass along card and went our way. As soon as the door shut, I looked at my companion and told him "told you that was the right door" haha. So yes, we missionaries are guided to those who are ready. I'm excited to see if this inspired mistake goes anywhere.
             Another fun thing that happened this week--we were biking through one of our nicer neighborhoods and then my companion yells "No Way" and pulls over immediately. I turn around and looked at the thing he found in someones front lawn. If i haven't told you already, my companion is obsessed with books and he loves books. The thing that he saw was a little free library. It was like the size of a big bird house that had a glass window that you could open. The best part was it was full of books that you could borrow. Elder Anderson thought this is like the best thing ever, ha. After looking at the little free library, I figured I would make a contribution to the collection. So I put a Book of Mormon in it with our number, haha. And now it's just time to wait haha. But it was a neat little thing, ha. 
            It's been good here but I won't lie, it's been hot. It got up to 106 the other day and it kinda stayed that way through the week.  I also had like three people tell me I'm going to get cancer because I'm so white, so that's neat, ha. It is finally starting to cool down. It's funny because while we are biking this one guy just asked us "hey, you guys stay here for a moment I'll be back".  So of course we waited and a few moments later he came back and gave us some water and then left. it was a very short conversation just hey, water, where are you from, ok bye. Not even mad. I think he was a member but not sure, ha, oh well. 
            I love you guys and I'm glad everything is going good. Church is true.
Love Elder Richards.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Temple day and bike wrecks September 8, 2015

Los Angeles Temple
Dear family,
           Since we had a Temple trip today, they moved our p-day to Tuesday ( just for this week, it is still on Monday). The Temple was awesome! It was so big. When I send you the pics you may get a better feel for how big it was. I couldn't even get the whole temple in one picture. It was so nice inside and it was a great experience. 
           The most exciting thing that happened this past week had to be (besides the Temple of course) exchanges with Elder Larsen. We both came out at the same time so we are brand new and we still don't know the area. We were in his area and of course we were on bikes. We had a little trouble finding places and getting around but it was awesome because while we were running around looking for this address, we actually ran into 2 new people that actually were curious about the Church. It was awesome. The Lord just prepares people and then puts them in your path. The other half of the day we decided that we would go into downtown, because they cover downtown, and get work done. But when we tried to go down there the first time, I was riding ( it was Elder Showers bike, since we were in his area) and the whole pedal and crank fell off. so I had to ride the bike like a scooter all the way back to the apartment. It was a struggle but we made it haha. Then after we fixed the bike we were determined to go downtown. We start riding again and now by this time it was a little dark. We were just bookin it, and then the road looked a little rough so we moved to the side walk. Along the side walk was just big bushes. In the middle this lady just walked out in front of me. Just to let you know she was completely fine. She was good. But yes, the right side of my handle bar hit her, and I was launched from the bike. Don't worry, I'm fine, just sore ha. But yeah, she walked away fine and after chillin on the ground for a little, I got up and was fine haha. It was all good but we decided that maybe this was a sign that we shouldn't go downtown haha because first the pedal and then the little accident haha. We just went back to the apartment. It was about that time anyway. So, that's what happens when 2 brand new missionaries get put together for a day haha. We got work done and it was a very interesting day.
           Another highlight of the week is when the APs, took us to a place for lunch called Rosscos. Apparently it's one of those "need to go to places".  All they serve is chicken and waffles and to be honest, it was really good. They had a picture on the wall of the people of Rossco with President Obama when he went there. They even have an order called the Obama special.
            In our area we have another place that is a place I felt we needed to stop by when we were in the area. According to big Kevin, it was my house hahaha. Ferris Buellers house ha. It was just funny. Got plenty of pictures.
             Oh and for our Labor Day thing, we decided to go back to Patricias haha.
         Yeah things are good in Long Beach and the Church is true, love you guys 
 Love Elder Richards

Monday, September 7, 2015

I'm Brigham Young! August 31, 2015

Dear Fam,
                It's awesome to hear that you guys are all doing great, even though the cat's being the demon spawn haha just kiddding but only low key ha. 
                I ran into my first nut or crazy man the other day. It was quite interesting. We are walking back from this one guys house. As we are walking back to our bikes, we see this guy in the distance and then out of no where he just screams, "Don't you dare mess with my marijuana or" and then he yelled some
other things that I cannot write haha. But yeah, he was just yelling at someone on the phone about this but when we got closer we realized that he didn't have a phone or anything. He was yelling at the air. Then as we were walking past he gets this huge smile and he's like "hey, you guys Mormon, right ?" us "yeah", him, "well, that's great. I'm Brigham Young!".  Then he just walked away while he kept saying, "yeah, I'm Brigham Young" ha, so that was pretty interesting.
                August and September are the hottest months out here in California. So I got here just in time to get the heat waves ha. The other day we went up to Whittier and it was 106 degrees. It was so gosh darn hot ha. Good thing we didn't have to stay there for long. Elder Larsen is from Arizona and he was just like, man it feels like home right now. 
                 We found out which day we get to go to the Temple, yeaah! We are going on the 8th of September to the LA temple. Apparently it is the second biggest temple so I'm pretty excited to see how it is. Of course we have to wake up dumb early to get there, but I'm not even mad.
                We visited this one less active guy and he's pretty interesting. He's a martial arts teacher so he has a black belt in mixed martial arts. As a side job, he's a bouncer for some clubs in LA. The one he works at apparently is open for only three hours a day and for 3 days a week. The least expensive table there is $5000.  The most expensive table is $75,000, crazy! But people like Kevin Heart, p-diddy, Rhiana and people like that go there. But what was really interesting is that he served his mission in Boise Idaho at about the same time as Keith I think. ( His name is Motuliki and he was the only Tongan Spanish speaker)
                But it's been good. the work is hard but the work is good. Love all you guys and the Church is true. 
              love Elder Richards