Monday, November 7, 2016

PP (Primary Program) October 24, 2016

Dear Family
     This week was the Primary Program. I was kind of excited to see what goes down. In the other Ward, a kid gets up to read his sentence and then at the pulpit dabbed. I wish I was there to see it. It would have been so magnificent. Apparently dabbing makes people go crazy. Once I saw a bunch of kids in a car and I dabbed as I walked by and the kid in the front seat literally just went koko for Coco Puffs, started dabbing at lightning speed and shaking the car. So lesson learned, do not under estimate the power of the dab.( if you do not know what the "dab" is, ask Ryan) Anyway, back to the Primary Program. This was a very quiet and just nice Primary Program. All the kids were super reverent and super good. No criers or whiners or kickers or screamers. It was impressive. I think the Primary Presidency bribed the kids, haha. It was nice. Missionarys like programs like this because a lot of non- members and less active members come and are able to feel the Spirit in the Church again. It's very nice. 
     We found a guy this week who is super prepared. We have a member named Bro Nash. He brought his friend, Martin, to church and then he told us to ask Martin when we could set up an appointment with him. So of course we pulled our planners and look at each other wondering if it's worth our time or if we can fit him in between the 100s of lessons planned that week... sike! thats the wrong number ! we went striaghtway to Martin and set up that appointment.  We went over to Bro Nash's house and had a lesson with Martin and it was really good. He tells us about how much of an example Bro Nash is to him and how much he wants what he has. Martin kind of had a health scare recently which made him turn to God. We are super pumped to teach and prepare him for baptism. He has a baptism date now and we are sure that he will be baptized. So that was really awesome, people are being prepared, especailly if members and missionaries come together. ;)
    We also started  working with a family that also is prepared. The Dad is a member but not active until recently he started coming back because of a few things that have happened in his life. His family is also coming with him too and none of them are members. The Mom has never gone to Church or really done anything like that so she doesn't really even know if there is a God. That's where we come in to help her with that, to help build her faith and also the family's faith. I'm pretty excited about that also. They seem really cool. 
Well it should be a fun week with all the Halloween stuff going down.
Love you guys.
Elder Richards

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