Saturday, November 5, 2016

GA (General Authority) October 10, 2016

Dear Family
     This week was fun. We had a General Authority come to our mission. Elder Ardern is his name, he is a fun dude. He is just real bouncy and fun when he talks and lectures us. He and his wife would just play off each other really well and he was the same with President Patterson, so that was awesome. 
      We did some service this week that was pretty fun. There was this little trailer carnival going on and we manned some of the stations. My companion and I got the apple toss into bucket game for a while, then on to the darts for a min, then on some other random games. They were having a hot dog eating contest but since I was watching the games, I couldn't do it, sad day. Prob for the better because we had dinner right afterwards any way. 
      The crazy thing that happened this week for me was tranfers last night.  I just got into the area so we were pretty sure I wasn't going to move and neither was my companion because I am going to kill him, or be his last companion. We are both staying but the crazy part is that we are getting another companion. We are going to be a trio. But the craziest part about that is that the trio mate is Elder Miura! one of my former companions, the one from Japan. This is his last transfer as well so I am killing them both. So that should be fun. We spent the morning moving stuff around so Elder Miura had room. So its Elder Ellin, Elder Miura, and me now. I'm pretty excited. It should be fun. Just for extra fun we are also splitting the ward with another set of missionaries so there will be 5 missionaries in the La Palma ward, fun.
     Another fun thing was when we went over to our "sort of" recent converts' house. When we got there we noticed that he had a new toy. The new toy was a tazer. So of course I had to be tazed by it. So that is what we did. He got me in the leg. It was pretty interesting, haha, shocking and then it was just hot. I could feel just a hot circle on my leg where he got me, haha. Then they pointed us to there neighbor because they had apparently been going to Church, just not our Ward. We went over there and apparently the Dad is an inactive member who is returning and the rest of the family are non-members and there are trying to figure out if religion is for them. It is, they just don't know it yet. So we are excited about that.
I love you guys 
Elder Richards

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