Monday, December 5, 2016

Big Air 2 November 14, 2016

Dear Family,
     Did Big Air again today, I'm going to be super sore tomorrow but it is worth it. We had more people come so it was pretty fun--lots of dogde ball. Fun place. 
     There was a missionary that just come back from the same mission as Jarret Weddle. His name is Chris Farley, I know, best name ever haha.
     This week was very  ... sickly haha. I was a little sick but Monday night I lost my voice mid- prayer. That was great timing.I didn't get my voice back until Friday ish. I was very happy to get my voice back. Losing your voice not as a missionary is kind of funny, I think, but as a missionary I'm just like, aaahhh my whole job is to talk to people and I can't speak! To celebrate the return of my voice, I did a lot of singing on Saturday on an exchange. It was quite fun. But let's be honest, when don't I just sing all the time :)
     Also, Elder Miura wasn't feeling good this week so I would stay with him and Elder Ellin would go out with a member. Then we would switch and I would go out with a member so we still got work done. Sometimes Elder Ellin would be sick and we did the same thing, just me and Elder Miura would switch off. There's just this cold or something going around because it seems to be that everyone is getting it, maybe from us haha.
     We still had an awesome lesson with our investigator, Martin,  this week. That man will be baptized. He goes to Church, just not always at our Ward because he has been going on trips and other things, but if he goes to Church other places and most people barely come to Church when they are in the area. So he is very solid and we are just going to have him pick his baptism date and he should be ready to go when he gets his answer. Super pumped. 
     This is the last week for my companions so every one wants to feed us something fun. Both of my companions love sea food. We are probably going to be eating a lot of sushi this week because that is what they want. So I should have fun, maybe lose a couple pounds, haha, just kidding.  I'll still eat it, I just have to make sure that I put the monsters down head first so they know which way to go. It will start tonight because someone is going to buy us some sushi. 
     The babies are very cute. Love the pictures. 
     We got a new Ward Mission Leader and he is flippin awesome!! So pumped, now we are going to get a lot of work done. Brother Higgins knows his stuff. I asked him a question and he went on this big thing about the Plan of Salvation. It was very informative and very cool. He knows his doctrine. 
I love you guys.
My teeth are fixed.
Elder Richards

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