Friday, November 4, 2016

The race against time October 3, 2016

Dear Family,
     At this moment I am in what you would call a race against time. Why, you may ask. Because when we got to the library all of the computers were taken except for the express computers. So that means that I only get 15 min at a time on this particular computer. I'm just not in the mood to wait a while for some one to get off one of the normal computers, so here we go.
     This week seemed really short because of Temple Tuesday, and also General Conference. Conference was fun, it's like a holiday for missionaries. Just for Conference, my comp and i bought a huge bag of candy ( 210 pieces) and we decided we would eat it all by the end of Conference. It didn't seem like that much but it was quite a bit of candy. At least we were awake during the whole thing, ha. But of course, we shared a little with others but we did finish it. We watched the first session at a less active member's house, it was pretty nice and of course they had to take us out to lunch afterwards. I really like President Uchtdorf's first talk. Of course all the missionaries were getting super pumped whenever they talked about missionary work of any kind. Or at least I get pumped.
We found an investigator this week. His name is Fernando. He is a cool dude. It was kind of funny how we ran into him. We have this racket ball that we throw around every now and then when we are just walking. This time I threw it in a funny way while walking past a park. The ball went into the park and so we then to retrieve it. When we went for the ball, we saw a guy and a girl just sitting on a bench in the park so we decided to go and talk to them. Inspired racket ball fumble because they were totally cool with hearing the message of the restoration and Fernando said that he would like to learn more and actually read the the book of Mormon. The girl had to leave half way through our lesson but it was still a good lesson. The Church is true.
      We had a really awesome lesson with a couple we have been teaching. They are a little hard to get a hold of but we had caught them one night and we just sat down and they just opened up to us after a little bit of talking and sharing. They really just told us their concerns and the problems they are having at that moment, so of course we opened the scriptures and shared some good old doctrine with them. The Spirit was really strong and they both told us about how they had just felt peace and so much better as we talked. We even gave them both a blessing of comfort afterwards which really made them feel the Spirit as well. It was just so awesome to be there and to help them so much. That's what the Gospel is for anyways, to help and uplift us.
I was just about to close my letter but then guess what, the computer shut off haha my 15 min were up apparently but bless the fact that it saves every now and then haha
Love you guys.
Elder Richards

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