Friday, November 4, 2016

The Sass Master September 27, 2016

Dear family, 

     We were able to go to the Temple this morning. It was really awesome, truly is the House of the Lord. So peaceful, I got to see my old companion, Elder Ashton, and some other peeps from my last couple of areas. So that was really nice. It's always awesome to go through the Temple. Covenants are very big deals, especially to God.
     On Sunday I got to meet The Ultimate Sass Master. We didn't have a dinner on Sunday, so we went by our Relief Society President's house, the Higgins. They are awesome. Pretty much at anytime, we can stop by and if we need something they are always willing to help. So we dropped by and they made us dinner. Their granddaughter, she is the Sass Master. She is maybe like 5 but she is full to the brim with sass. It's really funny, or at least it was funny to me at this moment. I'm pretty sure that those who live with her do not think it is as funny, ha. But she will just go off on you, she's got all the hand motions and everything when she is doing it. She didn't want to eat strawberries but then my companion was like, "Oh, strawberries are my life " (eats a strawberry in her face) then she's all like "strawberries are MY LIFE" ( then she eats like 5 strawberries in his face ) It was a really funny battle to watch.
     We found a lady yesterday. It was really interesting how it happened. We were just coming out of someone's house and there was an old man walking. So I start talking to him of course, then he tells me that he is not interested. But I ask him if he knows anyone that would be interested. Then he's all like, "well, my caretaker would be, she is very religious. So I continued to walk with the old man until we got to his house. Clara ( the care taker ) came out. It was really cool because she believes that the Book of Mormon is true and she loves us and all this good stuff. She just really understand the Priesthood and stuff like that. So we are super pumped to start teaching her. God loves us.
He loves you too
Elder Richards

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