Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Back to work.......December 28, 2015

Dear Family, 
     So yeah, sorry if this letter is shorter but I did talk to you guys like 2 days ago.
     Well, Christmas was fun, we basicly just had another p-day. We played basketball, watched The Work and the 
Glory and we went caroling. Caroling was fun because we had people that we wanted to go by but then we would stop by random peoples houses. One house was an old Spanish lady. She came out and gave every one hugs and said alot of stuff in Spanish, but the Spanish elders were with us so that's all good. We stopped by another house they gave us cupcakes and another gave us tamales and the other pasole so it was fun.
     Yesterday we had  a pretty good day. We found 2 new investigators and we also had a pretty good lesson with this dude. We met him a while ago but got back in contact with him. After we had the lesson, he woudn't really commit to Baptism but after I explained it a little he was like "oh yeah, if I find out the Book of Mormon is true, I will dive head first into those waters!" So, that should be fun when he finds out the Book of Mormon is true, ha. 
     Things have been good but once Christmas was over it was straight back to work, haha. It was nice to have a normal day of work. For like the past month we have been using the new Christmas video to talk to everyone. Since Christmas is over it is back to the normal way, haha.
     Thanks for everything guys. You are awesome and you can keep the paper work Mom:)
Love ya.

Elder Richards

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