Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Good Start.......January 4, 2015

Dear Family, 
     Right before the new year we got a training. The training was about: How to have a Perfect Year. It went like this, to have a perfect year you have to have a perfect month, and to have a perfect month you have to have a perfect week.Tto have a perfect week you have to have a perfect day, to have a perfect day you have to have a perfect morning. So there is alot of pressure on the morning of new years ha. Going to bed New Year's eve, I was ready to have my "perfect morning ". I woke up the next morning and... I felt like poop; poop that was put in a meat grinder and then the meat grinder was thrown into a wood chipper and then the crumbs were sprinkled on a small child's ice cream cone. Ok, maybe not that intense but I didn't feel good. So the morning was wrecked and, to be honest, that day wasn't too hot haha. I stayed in bed for most of it. But we did go out and work for the afternoon and we had a lesson so we did get work done that day, nailed iiiitttt. Then we went on exchanges that night.
     Thankfully, I felt perfectly fine the next day for exchanges. It was my turn to be in Spanish land with my district leader since he is a Spanish elder, good times. so my job for that day was to sit there and to look pretty. 😀😎 i did a pretty good job at it too, haha. But it was still good. They may not be speaking the same language but you can still feel the Spirit when they talk about certain things, so it's still good.
     This week at Church was pretty good. We finaly got a less active family to come to Church. We also got them to bear their testimony on the Book of Mormon because she just finished it for the first time. It was awesome. Then we had our investigator there and she liked it but we also just had 2 random people show up. One was super interested and she wanted a Book of Mormon and everything. She said she was going to come back next week. We set up an appointment with her to talk about the Book of Mormon so that was for-real awesome. Then the other lady just came into Sacrament Meeting and sat in the back and asked to talk to the missionaries. I sent my companion over there to talk to her while I introduced our investigator to the Bishop. But he came back and told me that apparently she wanted to talk to me, and only me. Sketchy, haha but all she wanted was to see if we wanted to rent an appartment or something. But I invited her to come to Sunday School class where we teach and she came. I think she liked it. She said she would come back next week so I guess we will find out. Miracles 
     So yeah, interesting start to the year but so far it has still been good, haha. Love you guys and stay awesome   
Elder Richards

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