Tuesday, January 19, 2016

LA Visitors Center......January 18, 2016

Dear Family,
      LAVC stands for Los Angeles Visitors Center.
    My companion was sick for most of the week so we really didn't get to go out that much this week, haha, but that's cool. I just read some of the New Testament. I read from John to Corinthians so it was neat, ha. But it's all good because my companion felt better by the time we were going to the LAVC. 
     We have an investigator named Marion who is pretty solid. But since the new year, he stopped coming to Church, basically because he didn't feel like waking up that early for Church. We moved times from 11:30 to 9:00 Church. So we went to the LAVC and it was awesome. It has these cool little exhibits where they show videos and it  was pretty neat. After we went there, we stood next to the Temple and just talked to Marion. He was telling us about how he felt at peace as he was there and he really liked it. It was really awesome because he totally felt the Spirit and he asked us to wake him up so he could make it to Church. It was just really good. Now he has come back to Church and he stayed longer than usual. He's progressing again. It truly was a blessing to go to the LAVC so that he could be motivated to really do things again. Now all we are waiting on is for him to get his answer and he will be good to go. 
     Well, it was fun taking care of my sick comp, haha, but we still got quite a bit of work done on the couple of days we did go out so it was good. 
   Sorry if my letter is a little shorter, and a little hap hazard. We got less time but it's all good. 
Love you guys 
Stay warm 
May the Spirit be with you... always 

Love, Elder Richards 

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