Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Let's have a talk........January 11, 2016

Dear Family, 
     This week on Wednesday, we were asked by the Bishop if we could "have a talk " in his office. Of course we went and we were trying to figure out what could he want from us. Well, we sat down and he said " I need a favor" "alright" we replied. " The young couple that I had asigned to give talks on Sunday had just called and told me that they won't be able to make it for Church because they are sick. Can you guys give talks on Sunday?" So, of course, we did. We knew they were going to ask us to give a talk, but we thought they would give us more then 3 -4 days haha. So yes, we gave our talks. Both of our talks were on "Overcoming adversity ". Of course my companion went first so he covered most of the subject matter, haha. It was alright. We both did pretty well, I thought. We got a bunch of compliments so I'd like to think they were good, haha. My companion had a 2 page outline that he wrote like twice. Me, I had a note card that only had stuff on one side, haha. Different styles I guess. It's funny that we are all giving talks. 
     We truly had an awesome experience the other day. We have been going by this one guy,Tommy, for a while and to be honest he wasn't very solid because he kept missing appointments and stuff. But we had a lesson with him and it was pretty great. We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it went very well. He told us that he had been having a super crazy day, an emotional roller coaster, but after meeting with us he feels so much better and we made him smile. At that time we decided to ask him to pray and to ask if the Book of Mormon was true. So he prayed. While he was praying you could tell he kinda forgot to ask if the Book of Mormon was true, so I whispered in the middle of the prayer to ask if the Book of Mormon was true. And he did. Immediately the Spirit filled the room after he asked if it was true. As my companion put it, everyone in that room knew the Book of Mormon was true because the Spirit was so strong at that moment. He knew the Book of Mormon was true. It was so great to be there in the same room when he found out. He said he couldn't stop smiling, and neither could we. It was truly a great experience and we set a Baptismal date for him--such a great thing. 
     My companion and I gave someone a blessing on Saturday and now my companion is a little sick, ha, so we stayed in Sunday night. But things here are good as always. 
Stay safe 
Stay warm
Stay awesome and love,

Elder Richards  

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