Sunday, April 2, 2017

Yes, I am older February 27, 2017

Dear Family,
      Congratulations to our parents for finally having no more teenagers in the family.  You are very welcome. 
     My birthday was really nice. It was great weather because God loves me and we had a lesson with an investigator. We invited him to Church and he actually came ! We were running all over the place to get him to Church and do all the things we needed to on Sunday. But busy is good and happiness for a missionary. For dinner I got a bunch of little gifts and I got some cup cakes, a lot of cup cakes. Afterwards we went to another member's house who got me a cake. I was very happy. And of course I got the package so that was a plus as well. 
     Like I said, our Sunday was busy. Sundays are a lot more fun if investigators actually come to Church.  Mario came and he had a great time. I'm pretty sure he cried twice and the members are super friendly here so he had a good time talking with them. He told them that he was going to be there next week! So that was really awesome. Then we had a lesson right after Church so we skipped lunch. But after that we went to a members house for a quick bite.  This family just had their daughter come home from a mission in Utah. She gave her homecoming talk yesterday and so one of her former companions that she liked came to Cali to see her. So she was there. When i saw her former companion, she looked very familiar to me. So I ended up telling her I was from Cinci and then she was all like " Oh, I like you already ! because I served the first 3 months of my mission in Cincinnati!" and then I named off a few Elders that she might know-- and she did know them ! that's when I realized that I have totally met this sister before because she served in our Stake ( West Chester) when I was on my mini mission. I practiced a door contact on her. But she didn't remember me, which is fair because I barely remember her. So that is the girl that was in one of the pictures that you got. Then she pulled up the Elder I was with on my mini mission (Elder Seegmiller) and i sent that homie a message. so that was super cool. Small world. 
     The Elder I am sitting next to now is pretty new here in the mission. He is a Cambodian Elder. Turns out he is from Ohio as well, but Columbus so not as cool. haha 
Well we taught, found another one. and other stuff happened. the usual.
   I love you guys.
Love Elder Richards
I really want to see the new Beauty and the Beast. so bad

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