Sunday, April 2, 2017

Cali February 20, 2017

Dear Family,
     It was a good week you could say. I got my new companion, Elder Hamblin, whom you have seen now if you got that picture. I know, we are cute. We also found a few new investigators. That is always a good thing. 
     My new companion really likes to work. This dude goes hard in the morning. I'm always just like push ups, sits ups, maybe switch it up and do sit ups, then push ups but he has a regiment almost. He brought some weights so he's doing curls, deadlifts, and a ton of weight training haha. Go big or go home.
     We went by a potential and he was pretty cool. But the interesting part of the story is that he got us some water that was in a juice box. It was weird tasting but I was fully prepared to drink the whole thing because hey, you cant be rude. Then he tried it and he was like "oh man this is weird tasting, you can pour it out if you want." Bless that cuz it felt weird when I was drinking it, haha. The moral of this story is that missionaries will eat and drink anything. I know this is a lame story but to be honest I feel like not much happened this week that is of grand exploitation that i need to talk about. So you get a very lame story about drinking weird water. 
      One of the new investigators we have makes steel drums for a living. He also makes things called hand pans, which is like a steel drum but that you can play.... with your hands.... bet you didn't see that one coming.  
     You know you have been out on a mission long enough when you start dreaming about watching the restoration video and teaching investigators. It's kind of funny but also very frustrating because sometimes they say really ridiculous things in your dreams and you don't know how to answer such extreme questions. Good times. 
     We also had a really big storm and it flooded the streets. We were in someone's house while it was raining so when we got out, we realized that the whole street had flooded up past the curbs a little. But the whole street was under water. And, of course, I am the driver so I'm the one that has to jump into the water to get to my side. We had dinner that night and the whole time my feet are just completely soaked haha. We also saw these canals that were filled to the top with water. They have like 10 foot walls in those bad boys so that's a lot of water. Good times singing in the rain.
love you guys 
Love Elder Richards

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