Saturday, April 1, 2017

Good times February 6, 2017

Dear Family,
     So it seemed to be a good week. It also seemed to blow by. On Monday I played golf for the first time in my life. It was fun. I only lost one ball because it hit a tree then flew into someone's back yard. But that was pretty good I would say. I had some pretty good shots. I did step in some puddles. I got a chip out of a puddle onto the green, like a boss. 
     On Tuesday I went on an exchange with Elder Mathews, one of the homies. I was with him in Huntington Beach. We just had a good time. I felt like we got tons done that day. We were packed. We did service for a guy whose whole backyard was covered in weeds. For real, the whole thing was just weeds. Weeds that went up to your knees and higher. That was fun and good because this guy has back problems so he cant really do it. He told us that he will always remember the service we did for him and how grateful  he was. Doing some simple service can go a long way for people.
     We also taught our french investigator, had a good lesson and then right after that went to another appointment with some other guy and picked him up as a new investigator. So that was freaking awesome. This guy seems to have a very sincere desire to know the truth, his words. He really does want to know if the Book of Mormon is the Word of God. That's really awesome. 
     We covered both of the areas pretty much that day because we had the car and our companions were on bikes, probably wasn't as fun of a day for them, haha. But you got to do, what you got to do. Then we made a trip to a hospital and they have really fast elevators. So we had to mess with the elevators. Not for too long though, there are souls to save. 
     We saw our french investigator a few times this week actually. He's a pretty smart guy because when we read with him he reads his Book of Mormon in French and we read it in English and he follows super well. He constantly is going back and forth from French to English. He read the Book of Mormon and had questions, so that's nice. That is what we want people to do. It's hard enough to just get people to read the thing. It will change your life! Don't you understand! That is kind of what you want to tell people. 
We also helped set up a tea party for another church.  Now I kind of know what it was like to be in the Relief Society Party committee, minus the tea part :) 
love you all
Elder Richards

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