Saturday, April 1, 2017

Pigeons January 23, 2017

Dear family,

    Well this week was fun. So to start out, we saved a pigeon. It was honestly kind of annoying but in the end I believe God wanted us to save it, so it started like this. We went by a referral and she opened the door. Then her dog came out and ran over to the car. There was this pigeon who couldn't fly and the dog was chasing it around. So we noticed the bird was a little hurt. I chased it down and caught it with a basket and a towel. Then the people were like "well, we have to go to work and so can you guys deal with this" " ahhhhh alright then" we said. So we had this bird strapped into the back seat and we took it into the animal hospital but apparently they don't take birds. We were running around trying to find a member to pass it off to but who is going to take a bird for us. We ran into a recent convert of another ward and we went by to do some service for her. Afterward we asked her if she would be able to take the bird. I know that sounds like we are trying to make a deal. We will give you service if you take the bird, ha, but she was willing to take the bird. While I was in her house, I looked over and saw a picture. It was a picture of one of our new investigators, Francios! He's French. Apparently that is her son-in-law and we were able to talk about him and some of his needs so it is really good. Apparently God needed us there so he gave us the stupid pigeon, haha, but hey, the pigeon is now in a good home in a wildlife care facility.
     Also, today we did hot yoga. It was a room of people who are a lot better at yoga than the four of us. We went with some other Elders. It's 105 degrees and 40 % humidity. It was hot. and sweaty. It was great. I learned that breathing is important because if you don't pay attention to your breathing, you can pass out, hah,a which almost happened to me ,haha. But it's all good, I survived, didn't go down though. But yup, sweat a ton and feelin pretty good. Yoga is a little more intense then I thought it might be. 
     We picked up a family it was awesome... until they dropped us. It was sad but it is the up and downs of a missionaries' life. Stake Conference was really good. Lots of speaker on intense subjects-- like having depression and having gay children and being divorced in the Church and being single and going inactive, it was really good. Oh and how to improve relationships between husbands and wives. But metal chairs hurt your back and butt after a while.
Love, Elder Richards

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