Saturday, April 1, 2017

Cali February 13, 2017

Dear Family,
     Transfers are this week. Elder Sesay is leaving me and going to Whittier. Sad, I'm losing ebony.  My new companion is Elder Hamblin ! Now you don't know Elder Hamblin but I know him, haha. He was in my MTC district back in the good ol days. We also shared the La Palma Ward back in Cypress. So it's fun!
     We had a fun time on Monday. We went to an appointment with a member, Bro Davies is his name. He is awesome. We went to the door and he wasn't home. This was at 7 pm, so we walked to our cars and we talked for a while. Just to let you know, Bro Davies can talk, but he talks about really interesting stuff so you get sucked into it! He was telling us about how many jobs he has had and all that stuff and then he was telling us about how he saved his daughter from a burning house. Literally the whole room was on fire, he runs in and saves his daughter, everyone's safe. Isn't that just an awesome story ! and so after a while I was like man, I feel like we should leave and go somewhere but we didn't and then.... the man we had an appointment with shows up as soon as we were thinking of leaving, hahah. So our talk we had was inspired because we had a good lesson sharing testimonies and it all worked out very well, so that was cool.
      Then the rest of the week was pretty normal. One of our members is pretty hardcore with his sharing the Gospel. This was his story. He was in Sam's Club with his non-member friend that isn't too interested but will listen. He starts telling him about the law of Moses because he has to tell people about what he learned in his pathway program. He said he noticed that people at the surrounding tables were listening in, so he started to speak louder until he noticed that about 15 people were listening to him talk about the law of Moses. Then he stood up on the table at Sam's Club and bears his testimony about the law of Moses and Jesus Christ. He heard some Amens and got some hugs afterwards. Then he told us about how it's not hard to share the Gospel, we just have to open our mouths. Yup. This dude is hardcore. Soap boxing at Sam's Club. I thought it was a crazy story so I had to tell you. 
love you guys
Elder Richards

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