Saturday, January 21, 2017

The fire spitter is coming January 9, 2017

Dear Family,

     Just to let you know what I mean about the subject is this. Elder Holland will be visiting our mission on the 14th with Elder Hallstrom, so that should be really awesome.
     This week has been pretty good I would say. On Sunday we went by a less active's house at like 6 and when we got there she was like " did you guys eat dinner yet". I knew that my companion didn't really eat much so we replied "not really" and then of course they threw on some extra food, boomshakalaka. The next night we went by a part member family, they are super nice. We walk in and a few minutes later she asked " wait, have you guys had dinner yet?" " I  had a hot-pocket" I replied. " A hot pocket!"  Then she went into super-Mom mode and decided to make us dinner on the spot as well. People like to try and make us fat or something but it is also much appreciated because what ever they make will probably be better than what I make.  Then afterward we were able to teach them and pick them up (as investigators) so that's also a huge blessing. 
     We had a lesson with the lady we went to the Temple with and it went pretty well I would say. We were able to set a baptismal date with her so hopefully we can reach that goal. So things are going pretty  well for us. The lady's name is Shirley. She is super nice and she has met with the missionaries for a while. She has read like half of the Book of Mormon. The more she reads it she tells us she seems to find a lot of the same doctrines and stuff in the Bible. They seem to go together. Crazy, right!?! it's not like we try and tell the whole world just that if they would take the time and read it. So that's super cool. 
     Yeah it gets to 50 degrees here and people put on winter coats, it's pretty funny. I just have the one thin sweatshirt, usually good enough for me. 
     It's kind of funny what people say to us sometimes. Like, people will tell us, "man you guys are like salt and pepper" or " you are almost an Oreo!" minus a one cookie I guess. Ebony and Ivory
love you guys 
Elder Richards

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