Friday, January 20, 2017

Best dinner in the mission December 12, 2016

Dear Family,
     Last night I am pretty sure I had the best dinner of my mission. Now you may be wondering, what did they make for dinner that could be the best thing.  We went to the Andersens and they are cool. I talked to them the week before and he was like "hey, so you are from Cincinnati right" yes" I replied. "so they have like a different chili there?" then I got kind of excited "why yes, they do " "Sweet, we are going to try and make it for dinner when you guys come over. Suddenly in my mind a song plays.. I've got a golden ticket...I've got a golden twinkle in my eye. As soon as we walk in the house, it smells like good old Cincinnati chili. Of course it was a little different but it tasted pretty dang close so it was really good. They all loved it, I loved it. We had all the spaghetti and the cheese. So I gave him a hug when we left dinner to thank him. A taste of home. 
     We had our Ward's Christmas party. We were the greeters. I' starting to remember people's names so that's always good. But we ran into a lady that said she would love for us to come by and teach her mother, and to help get her family back to Church. Ah, of course we would love to. That was really good.  Hopefully we can get those meetings started. We had lots of ham and potatoes. One of our sort of investigators came towards the end so that was another good thing. He is (sort of) an investigator because we don't meet with him that often and he doesn't come to Church but he will come to Church parties. He is a little hard to get a hold of but he seemed to have a good time. Of course we got a picture on Santa's lap.
     I don't know if I have mentioned this before but the holidays are best time of the year for missionaries because every one has their minds on Christ more but it is also the hardest time of the year because every one is gone or they have family in or something of that nature. But it is still a good time. We are just trying to share the # light the world with everyone and get them into the true Christmas Spirit. 
     My companion had a talk this Sunday, but they didn't ask me. I was like, hmm, guess they don't want to ask me yet. Then, in the middle of Church, of course, one of the bishopric come up and gave me my talk. I'm actually kind of excited for it. I'm going to drop some major knowledge and Spirit bombs on these people. Ha, just messing but going to have a good time with it.

love you guys 
Elder Richards

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