Friday, January 20, 2017

Let me tell you of the ups and downs December 5, 2016

Dear Family,

     Let me start with the UPs of the week. It started in the beginning of the week. We have been focusing on finding and the area isn't the easiest to find in, but we had a former investigator call us and ask if we could come over and do some service for her. We  did. We fixed her super wack gate but it functions now lol. Afterward we were able to sit down with her and talk a little, share the Christmas initiative the Church put out. It's a good one, check it out and do it and share it. But anyway, we talked to her. She actually seems pretty solid like she would be totally willing to keep meeting and everything, but her job has just absolutely crazy hours. She has no set time, she has nothing but call in. But we are hoping that we can start figuring out a way around that because she could really progress I think. So that was cool to find her. We also found two other people that night but of course they go to the Young Single Adult Ward. So we passed them off to the Young Single Adult missionaries. But it is still good, we are still trying to find all those we can.
     So that was an up, we hit our goal of finding. Now let me tell you of the down. On Friday I got some weird bug or something. I felt pretty bad like all day. I couldn't really eat anything and it hurt to lay down, sit up and stand so nothing was comfortable. That lasted all day. Couldn't work, couldn't do much of anything. So we had a member watch me and another member go out with E. Sesay so he could still work. That was nice.  The nurse told me I couldn't eat or drink that much. I could only take a sip of Gatorade and 1 to 2 crackers every 20 min. That was fun.  It was lame because we had to cancel dinner. Uncool part about that is that it was with Bishop, and I had never met the Bishop and apparently our text didn't get to him so he sat and waited for us and then he finally called us after we were 20 min late and found out we weren't coming. But it's all good. He still likes me and understands, bless that. I ended up throwing up later that night. But I felt better. Good times, right.
     The other thing happened this morning, got a call this morning from a senior missionary. He told me the cops just called them and told us that someone bashed out the back window of our car. We go out and guess what, it's true. Som one smashed the back door window and they took our bags. My camera was in my bag so goodbye mission pictures. It was quite the mess. We cleaned out all the glass and are going to get a new window in the morning. Fun stuff, right:)  They smashed out a few car windows on the street and stole some other things, welcome to Long Beach :)
 love you guys 
Elder Richards

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