Friday, October 21, 2016

heellooo....August 22, 2016

Dear Family,
     Well, to be honest it was a rough week but we did have a super miracle on Tuesday. We stopped by these members house on Monday but they were busy so they told us to come back the next day, so we did. We showed up and we get into the house and we start talking to this guy named Brian. Turns out Brian is not a member and he just moved in just earlier that day. Brian is a super cool guy with a little bit of a rough past. we were talking to him and he apparently had one lesson with the missionaries before he moved and he is reading the Book of Mormon and started going to Church! We even heard him talk to his girlfriend about getting Sealed in the Temple. It was super awesome because he is super ready. He is ready to learn and he does things. He is already a good chunk through 1st Nephi and the family he is staying with is helping him so that is super awesome. These are the kinds of things we missionaries pray for all the time, and it happened. He didn't show for church so that was lame but there are some things going on with the family so I'm pretty sure he had a good reason. But it was still awesome because, like I said, we have hit a bit of a rough patch and now we have a super good investigator. God loves us, ha. We brought up baptism and he was totally cool with it. It is just so good.
     The other  day I sat down, chillin in my shorts and I look down at my legs. I just flexed as a joke but then I was surprised with the appearance of nice looking leg muscles. That's pretty nice. I had my companion come over and give them a feel. He was impressed of course. Anyone would be but my guess is that i will be put in a car again and lose all that muscle. But I will it while I have it haha, jk, it isn't that deep.
     I met this woman the other day and she apparently is going to be serving a senior mission in Cincinnati. I don't know her name, haha, but she is good friends with the Mission President. I thought that was neat.W e had a good talk about it. She said that she is going to a rural part of the mission though.
Love you guys 
the Church is true 
Gordon B Hinkley was a prophet 
Love, Elder Richards

later update:  the sister coming in is actually from Lehi, Utah but she was in Huntington Beach visiting family 

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