Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The day of rest August 15, 2016

Dear Family,

     So, to talk about my Sunday, Church was pretty normal, we had meetings before and after. We were at Church for like 5 hours. You know the feeling I bet. But after Church, we biked to another Church building so my District Leader could take me to Cerritos. Why go back to Cerritos, you ask? Because Debbie got baptized ! Debbie is the grandma to Jyssika. I don't know if I told you but like a month ago I went to her sister's baptism as well. It was super cool. At both baptisms, I gave a killer talk about the Holy Ghost. I could feel the Holy Ghost's approval as I finished, haha. A lot of people showed up for both baptisms and for one of my talks I said these words, " Nephi is the cat's pajamas". Yes, it was good. No particular reason why I said it. Maybe the Holy Ghost prompted me. Maybe not.  I just felt like it. But it was awesome to be able to be a part of that family's journey. It was crazy to think that I haven't been in that area for 4 months now but it was  awesome to be there to witness their baptisms. Both times I was super red because it is so flipin hot in that room! but all is well . After that, we got back and we ate dinner, then  hit the bathrooms, than planned for the next day. Fun stuff .
     Yeah, lots of fun stuff. We are trying to work with members, it's fun. But yeah we have been doing missionary work stuff. We picked a up a new investigator while she was walking her dogs. It was quite fun. We walked for a good while and every now and then we stopped at the Spiritual parts. It was pretty cool but she was Young Single Adults age so we had to pass her off to the Young Single Adult missionaries. She was all like, " I don't want other missionaries, I want you guys to teach me ". We are all like "same ". We would like to teach you but that is not the Jedi way. 
Love you guys 
Stay awesome 
Elder Richards
PS: in the pictures my face was red because it was super hot

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