Thursday, October 27, 2016

Primary is fun September 12, 2016

Dear Family,

     This week we did a few fun things. First I think I will talk about Primary (Church children's group covering ages 18 mths to 12 years old). This week for Church we asked the Primary President if we could teach Sharing Time. She said "of course and that is really funny that you asked because this week is on missionary work!" It was destiny. We prepared for it and then it came time. It was really fun to sit in Primary again and to sing the songs and to do the opening exercise with them. The kids are funny. They had it combined that week (the older and the younger group) so we had senior primary and junior primary at the same time. Our little lesson for Sharing Time was pretty good. We had their attention for like the first 10 minutes but then their attention span started to wear thin, haha. We watched a little video, Fishers of Man, described by kids, video is on lds .org. Those videos are pretty fun you should watch them. I also recommend the little, Mormon belief videos they have. I liked them a lot. But yeah, back to the Sharing Time. We were supposed to have 15 min but for some reason they gave us like 30, haha, so we were trying hard at the end to keep them settled, used the sticker approach.
     We went to a senior living home this week to sing to them. A lot of them were Vietnamese, so they would sometimes try to sing along in Vietnamese. It was 4 sister missionaries and my companion and I. We sounded pretty good sometimes. We sang and we sang, it was fun. The hymns can be really nice, calming and also powerful at times. After we sang to the group, we went by a few rooms and sang to people so it was nice. But sometimes the forgot how to sing a song, so that was funny because we all just give each other a look, then give up on trying to sing that hymn and moved on.
     I have been thinking, some of my letters have just been about the things that go on during the week but this time I would like to tell you something I learned, a little more Spiritual note to the letter. Lately, as I have had some struggles with certain things, I have notices that something I figured I could do was pray. Now that sounds really basic and obvious but at the same time, I feel that sometimes we forget that we can really pull the powers of heaven to help us when we need it. So, I was kind of frustrated about something and on my wall there are a ton of pictures of Jesus with a ton of quotes. While I was upset and kind of down, I just looked at the wall and the picture I looked at was of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. The thought came to me to just pray, but at the same time I didn't want to pray because I was just kind of mad. But as I continued to look at the picture, I still got the impression. I decided to do it anyway. It was a good thing. I just kind of talked to God about things and asked for help. You can feel a little peace as you do. So if times are rough, did you think to pray? I think we all know it, but do we actually do it. I know that it does help, because Jesus has suffered all those pains and afflictions and everything else so that he could help us. But we have to let him, we have to pray and repent and be humble and I know that it can help in any trial. So that was something that kind of stood out to me as I thought about this last week.
I love you guys
Thank you for everything you do, you guys help me a lot
Elder Richards

A picture is worth a thousand words.   We tried to re-enact this picture that is in the Church.

True Story

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