Friday, October 21, 2016

Baller.....September 5, 2016

Isn't he a cute one :)
Dear Family
  Being in the La Palma Ward in Cypress is fun. It is right next to my old area in Cerritos.  It is just on the other side of the street but it's alot different. For my first week, I felt like I have watched more movies then usual and I have also played more basketball than usual. We have a movie night played here. We watch a Church movie and the members can invite their friends to it so they can do their member missionary work. Hasn't been too effective but we got a few people there, only like 2 but we will take what we can get. Then we watched Meet the Mormons with some less active members so that was fun. And don't worry when I say we watched movies, I mean Church movies like Meet the Mormons and Mountain of the Lord, stuff like that. Then with basketball, we wake up every morning and just play ball hard with a couple of other companionships for like 45 min to an hour.  It's pretty fun. But another basketball experience was we knew that there are a few kids that found out how to get into the building. So some member kids let a bunch of their non member friends in. We decided that we would go over there and let them in and we would play some basketball with them. There were like 20 kids there and only like 2 of them were members so we talked to them. Well we balled out for a little in our pros clothes then I sat on the side lines and talked to the kids while the my companion played more ball, haha. I got to know the ones sitting down and he was getting to know the ones playing, haha. It worked out. A few of them were Muslim so I learned some new things about Muslims, pretty neat. The dudes were pretty cool. At the end of the night we had a game where it was the Elders verses the other peeps. We had 2 companionship's there and another member kid on our team and we beat them pretty well, haha. It was a good game but of course we won.   
     The area I came into is pretty good. We are working hard to make sure this investigator of ours is ready for Baptism by Oct 8. So that's really awesome. Her name is Wanda, her only problem is that she works on Sundays and she is basically on-call all the time. She's a nanny, and she works for a couple of doctors in Huntington Beach. When they go in, she goes in. but she is super prepared so that's awesome. 
     Well things are pretty good here, my companion Elder Ellin is a fun dude so that's good. 
I love you guys 
Elder Richards

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