Tuesday, June 14, 2016

I Love It June 13, 2016

This is John the beloved, he is awesome

Dear Family,

    I really like all the pictures you sent. I'm still really jealous about the Tough Mudder but some day, just not this day. Babies are super cute.
     I have had a pretty good week. I  have really been loving reading the Book of Mormon lately. I don't know why, but I am just loving it every time I read it and it's just got so much in it. I have had some pretty baller studies lately with the Book of Mormon. It is true! So, that's been really awesome. I don't know why but I am noticing so much more now when I read it-- about doctrine and stuff. It's sweet. Read it everyday.
    So I dropped off my companion at the airport, he was quiet but that's just how he is. He sent me an email, he's happy, ha. My new companion is Elder Ashton, if I didn't already tell you, from St George, Utah. He is a really cool guy and a hard worker so we are going to get WORK DONE SON! I'm pretty excited. Rough start this week because I was super tired from waking up super early to go to the airport. But I'm all good now. Elder Ashton and I have been dropping Book of Mormons on people. Since I have been getting ubber-pumped about the Book of Mormon, it's been like the main focus on the Book of Mormon. It's been fun. 
     We have seen some cool cars lately and talked to some nice people. We ran into this one guy who told us that he had literally just prayed for some help for him and his brother and then we showed up.  Usually he would never talk to us but this time he felt like he should for some reason. It was awesome to talk to him and share a little of the Gospel with him. He should be pretty good to teach. I'm pumped! 
I love it!
Love you guys. 

Elder Richards

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