Sunday, June 5, 2016

Hello May 23, 2016

Dear Family,

     This week was good. We found 3 new investigators, which is pretty good. Although for one, we went back for a return appointment and he gave us a wrong address. It really makes me wonder, do people just forget their addresses or do they just think of a random off the top of their heads that actually exists. Sometimes people give us addresses that sound legit but when we go there, the numbers on the street will just skip like one number and it just so happens that the number that it skips is the one we are looking for. I don't know if that makes sense but yeah. Since it is Cali, a lot of the places are just behind other houses. A house behind a house behind a house, that's a thing here and sometimes its interesting but that is just how it goes. Our other investigators seem pretty good. But right now we are in the beginning of their teaching so we haven't really run into any problems yet, hopefully won't. 
     In the Huntington Beach Stake, they are actually building a new Family History Center. It is actually pretty legit. It is supposed to be like the Church's 3rd largest history center, or something like that, with all the new toys and gadgets. They called in the missionaries and about 6 of us went and we set it up. I happen to be one of those missionaries because I'm a boss ;) ha psych, it's because my companion knows how to make and work on computers. So yeah, it was just people from our district so it was fun. They have two 70 inch TVs that are touch screen. All of the computers are touch screen as well. Live sauce. That was fun to set up. we put the computers together and did all that stuff.
     Church was interesting because we actually had 2 wards at the same time because of a big mid-singles conference that they just had. Church was pretty packed and apparently a General Authority was there, Elder Gay. I'm pretty sure that we are going to have a missionary conference with him too in the upcoming week so that should be neat.
     Also, I went on exchanges this week, that was fun. For some reason the Book of Mormon play kept coming up with the people we talked to, but it was cool because then they were actually curious about the Book of Mormon. The guy I was with started singing it and handed out a Book of Mormon that way. It was pretty great. We also talked to this one lady who just went on for days talking to us about some pretty deep and hard stuff that has recently happened to her and she seemed totally cool and ready to hear the Gospel but finally after like an hour, we tried to teach her and then she was like, Oh you guys are Mormons , oh I don't want to hear your message. Bruh, it happens all the time but man my legs were tired after standing there for so long.
     Well, I won't lie, that picture with Owen in a bowl in pretty gosh darn cute.
Love you guys.
Elder Richards

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