Thursday, April 28, 2016

Yup April 25, 2016

Dear Family,

     Well transfers are this week and I will be leaving Cerritos. I am going to Huntington Beach, Pacific Shores Ward. I get to run to the ocean every morning :) not even mad about running now. It should be fun.  I'm back on bikes, so time to pull out the sunscreen again. Yeah, that's like the only thing I don't like about biking,  that I have to put on sunscreen all day long or I will die, but that's nothing new. 
      This week was pretty good, we hit a lot of our goals and were able to get some of our investigators to progress. Ema is going to be baptized in a couple of weeks so that's really awesome ! Super pumped. It's really awesome to see how much people change because of the Gospel. I know I say that like every time something happens but it just brings a lot of joy. Gods likes us and has been helping us a lot, ha. 
     Ok, time to be jealous. We went to a missionary's home coming thing for our lunch and we ran into Dinah Jane from 5th Harmony. Now that prob doesn't mean anything to you, because you don't know who that is. I didn't either until someone told me. We talked to her but didn't even know who she was. 5th Harmony is a group that has some pretty popular songs out right now. But, since we had no clue who she was, we didn't get a picture with her. We were kinda upset. She was the returned missionary's cousin or something like that. She's Mormon too, it's neat.
      I figured I would tell you guys what has been going on. Ever since the MTC I have had this problem. This little problem has been bugging me the entire time I have been out. I tried to fix the problem a couple of times, cover it up and even tried to attack the root of it, but it still has not gone away. This week I finally did something about it. Well to tell you my problem, I have had this little wart on my toe since the MTC. I've tried duct tape and straight up stabbing the thing but it always grew back. This week we were at a members house in Huntington Beach for the Japanese lesson and the Member is a super cool guy who is basically a foot doctor. He had some medicine for it and he put it on my wart. Now my wart has a huge blister on it and it looks pretty interesting haha. It's a little painful to walk but if it gets rid of the wart, it's totally worth it. It's supposed to blister up. 
     But yeah, that's what has been going on with me. Cant wait to see the new members of the family.
I love you guys, stay Awesome.
 Elder Richards

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