Friday, May 20, 2016

HB May 2, 2016

Dear Family,
       It's so awesome that we have another member of the family now. He's cute. To me he does look like Ben but I can see what you are saying, that he looks a little like Ryan as well. 
     Well this week was really good, and interesting. We had one investigator, Don, and Don got baptized on Saturday! The missionaries before me are doing really well. He is a super awesome guy. He bore his testimony at the baptism and you can just tell that he is super solid in the Gospel and he was super prepared. He actually called the missionaries to come over and to take the lessons. So yup, he was super prepared for this. He tells us about how he feels that he has found his way home and is a part of a family. After he was confirmed he told us that he felts like he was floating :) I love it. 
     Earlier this week we also went to an auction set up by the Ward. Don is actually a professional Auctioneer, so he was the Auctioneer. It was pretty fun. He sold things from little baskets to a canoe. It was pretty fun.  
     This ward is pretty fun. They are all very welcoming and there are just some cool people in the Ward. The guy who plays John the Beloved in the bible videos is in our ward. We actually had dinner with him last night, super cool guy and nice family. We also have the lead guitarist from Imagine Dragons in our Ward. Yes, be jealous. I have not met him yet but I will some day. Everyone in the Ward seems super nice and helpful so I'm excited to work in this Ward. 
     My new companion is a good guy. His name is Elder Daw. This is his last transfer so he is low-key trunky. ( Trunky--a missionary who is about to go home that is thinking of going home) If you don't know what that means, ask someone. But, he is a cool guy that cares about the people. So, things should be fun. Huntington Beach is a fun place. The weather is nice. It seems like every one here surfs, I'm jealous, but I will surf someday. 
     I do like running to the beach in the morning.
I love you guys.
Elder Richards

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