Monday, November 30, 2015

Hey November 30, 2015

Dear Family,
     Well, the big thing this week of course was Thanksgiving, so I'll talk about that.  For Thanksgiving we had a dinner set up with a family at 2. But, like the day before, our Mission President told us that there is a meeting that we had to go to, on Thanksgiving at the same time. So we had to cancel our dinner with the family. We ended up going to the Mission President's home for Thanksgiving. Basically, if you didn't have a Thanksgiving dinner, you went to the mission home for it. We got there and there are a few other missionaries and a whole ton of food. The missionaries from my last ward were actually there too so we talked as if it was like a reunion while some of the other missionaries sat there, haha, but it's all good. We all still had a good time. My last companion and President Tew got into a joke battle, basically, at one point. To me President Tew won, haha. I had heard all of Elder Anderson's jokes so they weren't even funny to me, haha, but President did have some good ones. So that was pretty funny. At the end of the dinner, President Tew looks at the remaining food and just said " Well, we made more food than you could eat, I guess that means we win " with a smug look and a chuckle at the end. So we as missionaries got back up and tried to eat more. But alas, we were beaten and full, haha ,so yes he won.
     Other than that, the week was pretty normal except when we went to this one less actives house. They had some candy on the table so me and my companion asked if we could have a piece. She was like sure, you know you can just have it all. Then she pulled out like 5 huge bags of candy. Now we have a giant bowl of candy sitting in our apartment and it will probably still have candy in it till like, the end of January or beyond, who knows. 
     We are still working hard on the work. We had dinner with a guy in our ward who went to north Carolina on his mission and actually had Elder Holland come to his mission and throw down some hard core Spirit on them. Ha, it was cool. 
     Things are good here, and I'm really grateful for the Thanksgiving packages. Thanks.
May the Bpirit be with you... always.

 Love, Elder Richards

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