Monday, November 2, 2015

and here we go November 2, 2015

Hello Family,
     Well, on Tuesday I found out that my compadre is training again, so you know what that means... it means I'm getting transferred. Now the reason this was kind of interesting is because I knew that I was getting transferred but I wouldn't be able able to actually know where until that Saturday. So the whole week I had to wonder where was I going.  Saturday finally came and it was a good Halloween. We had a zone meeting so the zone leaders decided to do something different this time for transfers. They made every one do wall sits and the last one "sitting " got to know where they were going first. Since I had been simmering for a week and not knowing where I was going, I had to know first. But I tied with 2 other guys because it went on too long, haha, and now I'm being sent to ...( silence for effect ) Cerritos. Yup and to be honest I don't know much about the place besides that everyone has told me it's a bunch of Indian people and Chinese people, so that should be interesting. My new companion is named Elder Nuttall and I am finishing his training--which doesn't really mean much but it should be interesting, and fun, and nice, and Spiritual, you know missionaries. It will be nice because it is also a car area so my bike gets a break.
      This week was pretty good. We still have been meeting with Joel and it is just awesome to see how much he has changed because he accepted the Gospel. He will just tell us some stories about some of the stuff he has gone through and the difference that this Gospel is now making. It makes you feel good about being a missionary when you can see the change in someone. Being a missionary is not always easy but it is always worth it. 
      No, I did not get a tour of the Queen Mary, it was more like a drive by but it was still cool.
      It's great to hear things are going well, mostly at least haha but I love you guys and I miss you.
May the Spirit be with you, always.

Elder Richards

PS I do like the costumes and pumpkins haha awesome

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