Monday, December 7, 2015

Testimony bears and monkey traps December 7, 2015

Dear family,
     This week was Stake Conference and we got a new Stake Presidency.  Since that happened, we actually had two General Authorities come. I don't remember their names but they were both pretty cool. One from Idaho or some where like that, talked about a testimony bear. It's like a teddy bear. He talked about how any 2 year old will tell you, when times get rough or scary, that's when you hold onto your teddy bear the tightest. The same is with your testimony. When times get rough or scary, that's when you hold onto your testimony the tightest, just ask any 2 year old.  I really liked it and the other guy from Zimbabwe who talked about monkey traps. Monkey traps are like raccoon traps, you reach into a hole and grab the nuts, or whatever food, but then you cant get your hand out unless you drop the nuts. He just said what are the nuts that we hold on to, that ultimately will trap us until we are caught by the devil, or something like that. It was really good.  I enjoyed it quite a bit.
   At the beginning of the month, I told my companion that we are going to get a Christmas tree. For some reason he didn't think we would. So I looked at him in the eyes and said,  "I find your lack of faith disturbing".  He shuddered as my gaze pierced his very soul. Maybe not that intense but, none the less, I was determined to get a Christmas tree. One day  we were asked to help take Christmas decorations out of someone's attic. After it was all taken down, lo and behold, there was a little 5 foot tall Christmas tree that they weren't going to use. So there we go, we have gotten our Christmas tree with decorations and lights as well. So I'm just here to tell all of you that yes, God does answer prayers.
      Yes it was a good week and we found some new investigators that are showing some potential, so that's awesome. Things here are going good. To be honest, I forget that it is winter all the time because it is December but it is 80 degrees outside. ha
      I love you all and may the may the Spirit be with you... always 
I made the star, just to let you know😎😏💪

Elder Richards

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