Monday, November 16, 2015

The Struggle November 9, 2015

Elder Richards, President Tew and Elder Nuttall

Dear family and other peeps,

    So of course as you know I am in Cerritos. To be honest, I don't really know where that is compared to everything, I just know that it's like the middle of the Mission ha. It's a pretty big area but half of our area is split between a trio of Sisters (Sister Missionary companionships) so it's smaller but still really big. It's all good though because now we have a car, and I got my driving privileges so swag, money, cash. This place is full of dead ends and the streets can be confusing so that's kinda been the struggle for the week ha.  The area, just like the mission, is super diverse. It does have a lot of Indian and Asian people. We live in a part of our area that is called "Little India". No joke, it smells like curry outside, all day, every day ha. My new companion, Elder Nuttall is a good guy. He's even smaller than me.  His other companion was Tongan so I won't make him look as small haha. But he's a cool cat and so far it's been going well. Oh and the idea of Cincinnati Style chili blows his mind too. 
    This week has been interesting because we have had 9 hour trainings, 3 days in a row. It was actually super helpful and cool. And now it is time to go out and baptize the world, haha, That's kinda how it feels every time we come out of a training. The first one was all about finding and the others were kinda in that area as well so it was awesome. I won't lie though, I think those trainings pwned me because I am tired, ha, just pwned everyday when we get home. But I take that as a good thing ha. 
     After the training, we went out and we actually found 2 new investigators that night and it was pretty awesome. Too bad we already dropped one because he flat out refused to stop smoking and drinking coffee. Like, his life was smoking and he was completely fine with it, but maybe some other day he will be ready.  The other guy we found seems pretty interested. We have a lesson with him tonight so we will see how it goes. It's just awesome to be out doing the good work. It's not always easy but it is always worth it. Keep it groovy, smooth cats. 


Elder Richards

The family tree as it is now.
The Elder to the right of me is my trainer's new trainee

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