Tuesday, November 24, 2015

ollo November 24, 2015

Elder Richards and Elder Nuttall at the Los Angeles Temple

Dear Family

    Super pumped to hear about Wimmer, Super pumped. Just thought I'd get that out.
    Sorry the letter is a day late, but I totally forgot to tell you guys that today was Temple p-day so we had email on Tuesday not Monday. The Temple is still really awesome and really big, love that place. 
    Well, I'll start with a more spiritual subject I guess. One regular missionary day my companion and I are driving around trying to figure out where to go and who who to talk to. No one in our plans really worked so as we were going to some ones place, my compadre suggested that we try this one guy that is literally never home and we dropped him a while ago. So not going to ignore prompting,  we went there.  Guess who was home. He was. We had a good talk/lesson and hopefully things turn out well for him. I just tell that because it is always good to know that we are always guided to those who need us. It's cool. 
   This week I went on an exchange with a Spanish speaking Elder. It was fun. It seemed like we were talking to more Spanish people then anyone, haha. I guess parts of my area are more Hispanic than I think ha. But it was a good day.  We both found new investigators and really did awesome because no one could use the "I don't speak English" thing on us haha. We also just got work done, it was good. Sometimes when they would be talking in Spanish, I would have no clue what they were saying but I know it was good because you cold still feel the Spirit. That was neat. 
     Also this week we had a general authority come and talk to us. Elder Zeballos I think is his name but not quite sure about the spelling, oh well. [Editor's note--he did spell it correctly]  He talked about something that I can't really remember right now but I'll go home and check my notes haha. But I know that it was good haha. One point he did talk about was the Spirit and how much we truly rely on it and how we as missionaries are examples. Lots of good stuff. 
     I actually just thought of this but i haven't had thanks giving for 2 years ha. Last year is when I had my wisdom teeth taken out haha. Well, I am truly thankful for my family I have and all the support and examples you guys are to me. I am grateful to be out here serving. I am grateful for Ramen noodles and P+J sandwiches. It's Thanksgiving, thought I'd share. 
    Well, I love you guys and pray for you all.
dat missionary guy 
Elder Richards

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