Tuesday, October 27, 2015

hmmm..., October 26, 2014

Dear Family,
                 Well, this week has been pretty normal I guess you could say. We still have been meeting with Joel but for reasons, we had to postpone his baptism. But no worries, he is still strong in his desire to be baptized and he's just awesome. His kids are pretty funny. His son really likes dinosaurs right now. When we show up, he will come to the door, grab me by the strap of my bag and pull me down so I can watch a video about dinosaurs or look at his dinosaur toys, haha. He's 5. Then his little girl, she's 3. Every time she sees us coming, she will run around the house saying the Mormons are coming, the Mormons are coming! and then she will start to clean before we got to the door. Haha, she's funny.
                 My companion still hasn't been feeling too well so we went to get an ultra sound on his abdomen. Don't worry, we gave him plenty of crap about being pregnant,  haha. 
                 I won't lie, I was so happy to get the Skyline. Elder Showers just could not understand it. He sat there and looked at the picture of a 3 way for like 5 min just trying to understand why they would put chili on spaghetti haha. I don't know why that's a hard concept to grasp but apparently it is for him. When I got it, I had to eat some. So I opened the can and made some. Oh, it was so nice to smell some real chili, or close to real chili, canned haha. The whole time I was preparing it, I was singing the Skyline song haha. My companion had no words, he just sat there and watched as I prepared the deliciousness. It was really petty good. It doesn't really matter to me if it already has spaghetti or not but I was happy to get both. There are always more things I can make, like coneys and Skyline dip, so not even mad.
                 Yeah not much really happened but things are good here. It actually rained pretty hard the other day, it was strange haha.   I hope everything is good at home. Love you guys.

Love, Elder Richards

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