Tuesday, October 13, 2015

alright then Monday, October 12, 2015

Dear Fam
          Now I will tell of my week. The week in a word was ... good. It was kind of a normal week. This one guy that we are teaching right now has been seeing the missionaries for like a year. The other day we saw him and he told us this story, which is to long to repeat but it ended with him telling us that he is finally ready to change and be baptized! yeahuh! haha gotta love it. Hopefully that all works out and he can accomplish that goal.
        That was my short spiritual thing that happened.  Now I will tell you of the funny thing that happened. We met a guy on the street a little bit ago and we started talking. Well a couple of days ago he invited us over for dinner and we figured why not, barely know the guy but that's all good. He's Filipino by the way. Anyway, we went to the dinner. When we walked in, it was like a big kinda party dinner thing going on. Apparently he invited us to his family reunion/ birthday party dinner haha. The place was packed with Filipino people that apparently only spoke Tagalog and so we just kinda sat in the corner hahaha. We got our food and to be honest, I had no clue what I was eating haha. I did know what one thing was that I ate. It was squid tentacles. I could have not eaten the tentacle part but I figured I would go for gold and eat it anyway. In a word they were, chewy, not that much flavor but it was a strange kind of chewy haha. So yeah that was our dinner with people we didn't know at all, eating  who knows what haha. 
          Yeah, also that day was the exchanges with Elder Larsen again. I'm happy to report that this time no one got hurt haha. He didn't get a concussion and I didn't bite it on my bike like last time so that's good. 
         I'm glad to hear that everything is going well at home, always awesome to hear fantastic news. Love you guys and may the force be with you... always 

Elder Richards

PS I did get the stamps, thank you, and can I get some Skyline Chili. I've kinda been craving it haha

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