Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The week, October 19, 2015

Hey Family,
                So,  I don't know if I have told you already but if I did, I'm going to tell you again. So this one guy has been meeting with the missionaries and investigating the Church for like a year now. About a week ago, we showed up to his house and he tells his story. Apparently of late, he has been going through some tough times and he thought of the missionaries for some reason. So he went hunting for us ha. He went to the Church and tried to find us but we were not there. For the entire day he couldn't get his mind off Church and God and as he was chilling at his apartment thinking about God and what he should do, guess who knocked on the door. These guys, haha. We talked for a little and now his baptism is set for Oct 31, haha. Yup, on Halloween. It should be pretty easy to remember what day he got baptized on haha. But it's just awesome to see how God really does prepare people for us to run into and meet. We are super excited for Joel and he is too ha. 
               Lately my compadre hasn't been feeling too well so we have had to stay in a little bit. Funny thing happened. We got a call from a member saying that she was going to drop off some Gatorade for us since we were on our bikes. I thought it was be like a couple things of Gatorade but instead she actually bought a Gatorade pack of 30 bottles haha. Sister Garcia is awesome haha. Then later she came back with medicine and some other stuff for Elder Anderson because he mentioned he wasn't feeling good haha. As I like to say, she went total "Mom" on us, haha. The members here are awesome. 
                The week's been good and things out in Long Beach are still awesome. I actually got to go see the Queen Mary but didn't bring my camera so sorry, I don't have pictures. In my defense, I didn't know we were going ha. But I won't lie, those are some big boats ha.
            I love you guys and may the force be with you.

Love Elder Richards 

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