Monday, September 7, 2015

I'm Brigham Young! August 31, 2015

Dear Fam,
                It's awesome to hear that you guys are all doing great, even though the cat's being the demon spawn haha just kiddding but only low key ha. 
                I ran into my first nut or crazy man the other day. It was quite interesting. We are walking back from this one guys house. As we are walking back to our bikes, we see this guy in the distance and then out of no where he just screams, "Don't you dare mess with my marijuana or" and then he yelled some
other things that I cannot write haha. But yeah, he was just yelling at someone on the phone about this but when we got closer we realized that he didn't have a phone or anything. He was yelling at the air. Then as we were walking past he gets this huge smile and he's like "hey, you guys Mormon, right ?" us "yeah", him, "well, that's great. I'm Brigham Young!".  Then he just walked away while he kept saying, "yeah, I'm Brigham Young" ha, so that was pretty interesting.
                August and September are the hottest months out here in California. So I got here just in time to get the heat waves ha. The other day we went up to Whittier and it was 106 degrees. It was so gosh darn hot ha. Good thing we didn't have to stay there for long. Elder Larsen is from Arizona and he was just like, man it feels like home right now. 
                 We found out which day we get to go to the Temple, yeaah! We are going on the 8th of September to the LA temple. Apparently it is the second biggest temple so I'm pretty excited to see how it is. Of course we have to wake up dumb early to get there, but I'm not even mad.
                We visited this one less active guy and he's pretty interesting. He's a martial arts teacher so he has a black belt in mixed martial arts. As a side job, he's a bouncer for some clubs in LA. The one he works at apparently is open for only three hours a day and for 3 days a week. The least expensive table there is $5000.  The most expensive table is $75,000, crazy! But people like Kevin Heart, p-diddy, Rhiana and people like that go there. But what was really interesting is that he served his mission in Boise Idaho at about the same time as Keith I think. ( His name is Motuliki and he was the only Tongan Spanish speaker)
                But it's been good. the work is hard but the work is good. Love all you guys and the Church is true. 
              love Elder Richards

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