Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Influenced Mistake September 14, 2015

Dear Fam,
            Well, this week was pretty normal but I will tell you the story of what I'm am going to call my "influenced mistake". There is a cheap housing complex that we go to and we were there looking for this less active dude named Alma. Usually I'm pretty good at remembering where the people live in this place, so I went straight for this one door but my companion implored me that that was the wrong door and it was the one next to it. But I was so sure that it was that door but we knocked on the other door. No one answered so we were about to move on to our next thing but I just went over to the other door and knocked on it anyway. As soon as the guy opened the door, I knew I was wrong, haha, but after a few words he expressed how he wanted to actually talk to us and asked us to come over later. So we chatted a little and I handed him a pass along card and went our way. As soon as the door shut, I looked at my companion and told him "told you that was the right door" haha. So yes, we missionaries are guided to those who are ready. I'm excited to see if this inspired mistake goes anywhere.
             Another fun thing that happened this week--we were biking through one of our nicer neighborhoods and then my companion yells "No Way" and pulls over immediately. I turn around and looked at the thing he found in someones front lawn. If i haven't told you already, my companion is obsessed with books and he loves books. The thing that he saw was a little free library. It was like the size of a big bird house that had a glass window that you could open. The best part was it was full of books that you could borrow. Elder Anderson thought this is like the best thing ever, ha. After looking at the little free library, I figured I would make a contribution to the collection. So I put a Book of Mormon in it with our number, haha. And now it's just time to wait haha. But it was a neat little thing, ha. 
            It's been good here but I won't lie, it's been hot. It got up to 106 the other day and it kinda stayed that way through the week.  I also had like three people tell me I'm going to get cancer because I'm so white, so that's neat, ha. It is finally starting to cool down. It's funny because while we are biking this one guy just asked us "hey, you guys stay here for a moment I'll be back".  So of course we waited and a few moments later he came back and gave us some water and then left. it was a very short conversation just hey, water, where are you from, ok bye. Not even mad. I think he was a member but not sure, ha, oh well. 
            I love you guys and I'm glad everything is going good. Church is true.
Love Elder Richards.

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