Thursday, August 27, 2015

Patricia's August 24, 2015

             Well, I have survived another week and it was awesome! Let me start off with telling the story of Patricia's. Patricia's is a restaurant that I really wanted to go to here every since Elder Showers described what it was to me. He said that it's this little Mexican place with really good food.  I said, "OK, what's so special about it?" Then he said, " Let me put it this way, it's the best tasting laxatives you will every have" hahaha--so I had to have it. The Bishop's wife asked us where we wanted to go for dinner :)  I was like Patricia's haha so that's where we went.  Wont lie, it was some good Mexican food, and as a plus the owner of it is getting lessons from the missionaries right now so we got a nice discount. But, oh man, after a little it just hit me like a train. Nothing happened, I just felt so bad afterwards haha but totally worth it though. 
             I won't lie, there are a lot of different kinds of people here--like there are Samoans, Tongans, Chinese, Filipino, Mexican, black, white, and Cambodian. It's just kinda a big pot of people. I got to go a Tongan baptism the other day and it was pretty neat. I couldn't understand anything when they talked in Tongan but it was still awesome because you could still feel the Spirit. Oh, on the subject of baptism, this one chica finally got baptized and confirmed this week! It was awesome! She was really happy and excited about it so it's been good.
           You know what's pretty funny? Everyone that goes into our apartment seems to notice one thing about my desk, the little missionary guys I have posted everywhere haha. I figured since I have them I might as well put them up.  Everyone just thinks they are pretty interesting. I just think it's funny that that's the one thing they notice haha.
            Thanks for all the pictures and all the letters. It's awesome. Hopefully my pictures go through so you can see my posterity line haha.  It's from my great grandfather, my grandfather, my father and me ha. If you are wondering what that means, it just means that Elder Albretch trained Elder Adams and he trained Elder Anderson and Elder Anderson is training me. So yeah, it's been awesome and I love you guys, may the force be with you... always. And the Church is true.
Sunburn 2nd Day in Field
Love, Elder Richards

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