Friday, August 21, 2015

August 17, 2015

Hey Family,

That's awesome, that carousel was pretty neat, too bad for Luke though ha. But, yeah, I did get all the pictures, thanks.
So I'm finally in Long Beach and so far it has been pretty good. My companion is pretty cool, Elder Anderson, he likes to spit a bunch of quotes from stuff too and, apparently I'm like the only one that gets most of them haha but, he likes to read books so that's where some of his stuff comes from. But its still fun. He's only been out for 4 months and he's already a trainer but he's got his stuff down so I'm happy with my companion. He also has a pun or some joke or something for everything so it's always interesting to see what he will say next, ha. 
                  The morning that we had to leave to get to the flight, we left the MTC at like 3:00 in the morning so that was fun. When we actually got to Long Beach, I couldn't really hear anything, haha. The flight did something to my ear and everything that was said was muffled. It was a struggle but it went away after the first day. On our first day they were like "well since you got up at 3 in the morning we aren't going to have a training because we know that you will just fall asleep", which is true. So we are just going to get right to it and you guys are going to go street contacting".  It started out good for me but after a little I just didn't know what to say so it was a little awkward, haha ( and plus i couldn't hear what some of the people were saying because of my ears ha) but it was nice. After that we got our companions and our areas and we were off. I'm in the Long Beach west area right now. It's got some interesting people in it. We used to have a car but then apparently the zone leaders wanted it so they took ours, so we are on bikes now. Lame but I will have nice nice looking legs by the end of this. We also went to our fist dinner and it was at a Chinese buffet. So the members were like "go on, keep eating, the food never ends, come on". We were like "but we're full", so they said "ah, ok, so I will get you guys some more food anyway". Haha, they like to feed us so no worries there Mom, ha.
                 I already had exchanges with the District Leader Elder Showers, He's a fun guy too. So it was really nice because he has a car and the day we did exchanges it got up to like 100 degrees and the other Elder, Elder Larsen had to bike in the heat instead of me, haha. But we have to do some service so we were out in the heat anyway so didn't really escape it, but still haha. It was funny when it was over because it was late, and dark out right before we retire for bed. I was wearing my flip flops to get my stuff from Elder Showers after the exchange and Elder Anderson stepped on one of my flipflops.  For some reason, I just let out this huge scream hahaha. I don't know why I yelled or anything but it was too late. Everyone that was outside was looking around trying to find the origins of the noise and Elder Anderson and I are just laughing. Elder Showers was just like, "What was that! did something just happen?" I was just laughing and he was so confused, haha. I think that everyone might have thought that someone got hurt or shot or something. Who knows but it was kinda funny.  
                 On my second day in the mission field it happened... I got sunburned. What a surprise, right? I got sunburned all up and down my arms and got a nice watch tan from it. I brought all that sunscreen but still got sunburned. I guess it works better when I actually put it on, haha. Oh well, it was not that bad. It was just on my arms, I just thought it was petty funny actually. It's been hotter than usually every one tells me. It apparently is supposed to cool down and get back to its normal temp soon (which just means it will be in the 80s to 90s instead of the 100s haha)  That's all good, I can take the heat.
               I've had an awesome time so far. We have been doing alright in the teaching area and we have 2 baptismal dates for the next couple of weeks already. I'm excited and sure that it will be a good time serving the Lord in Long Beach. Well, I love you guys and may the force be with you... always
  Love Elder Richards 

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