Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Yup Yup June 20, 2016

Dear family,

     So this week was pretty interesting. We were teaching pretty many lessons but there is a problem. We haven't been able to pick up any as investigators. Would you like to know why? Well I'll tell you. It is because we teach a whole lesson, say prayer and it's all good until we ask the question "when can we come back?" Then they are all like, "Well, I'm good but thank you for your message" or "well, my schedule is crazy I don't think I know a time" or "I don't like to make commitments". But it is all good because we did pick up this one guy. It went a little like this. We were walking down the street like a couple of thugs, white shirt and tie with a Book of Mormon in hand ready to drop some knowledge on people, then we run into other missionaries talk for a hot second then resume the swag walk. Then as we walk by this guy's car, we see him in there. So we do the awk wave to see if he will talk to us. But when he comes out, he's all like, "are you the guys that try by my house?" "yes" I replied. "Oh OK, well I've got ten minutes, why don't you come in." he said. Oh heck yeah! That's the ultimate win or the ultimate trap. But this time was a win because we were able to talk to him and he was super ready to read the Book of Mormon. He's a rocket scientist so he's pretty smart. But yeah, that was our find this week. Good stuff .
     Yes that is the real John the Beloved. He's a homie. 
     We are having a pretty good time, my comp and I. He has been trying to teach me how to do a wheely on my bike but I am not that skilled. But I'll get there.
  Well, there are times when you know what to write and sometimes when you don't. I just hit that wall.
I love you guys.
 Stay awesome
Elder Richards

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