Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Narly July 18, 2016

Dear Family,

      The week has been good. We had an interesting lesson the other day.  We were teaching this girl the Restoration (lesson) on her doorstep. It seemed to be an alright lesson. So we teach most of it and we get all the way to the First Vision. My companion, Elder Ashton, asks her " how do you feel?" then she is quiet for a moment, then she looks up and  and she says " I feel .......sick" then out of nowhere she looks like she is about to throw up on us or faint. We, of course, asked if there was anything we could do but within like 2 seconds she was in the door and she was gone. So we walked away. We will be back soon to see if she is feeling better, haha, but it was just funny because that is the first time that has every happened to me.
     Apparently I have a powerful influence on the world. So this starts at dinner on Wednesday. We had another set of missionaries go with us because she is a single mother that was feeding us. But this time her daughter and her friend decided to stay. Her daughter is like 19 and her and her friend are pretty funny but they asked us the question "so what did you guys do on the 4th of July?" and of course I told her "we partied, Duh, we raged!" and then for the rest of the dinner I said "rage" quite a bit. And, of course, every time you say it, you make a little hand gesture. If you want to know what the hand gesture is, just watch the first ten minutes of Meet the Mormons and look for the part that some one says Rage. It's like my favorite part. But anyway, the word "Rage" was used a lot for the rest of that dinner but the next day at service, like the most of the zone was at a service project and guess what everyone was saying for that entire time. Rage . It's so great. It will prob be the theme for next transfer. It's like a zone unity thing, haha. 
      But yes, it is the end of the transfer.  Elder Ashton and I are staying in Pacific Shores. We were here for the 4th of July,  and now we get to also stay for the US open. Now that will also be interesting haha. Yikes.
Life is good.
I love you guys.
Elder Richards

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