Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Yes July 25, 2016

Dear Family,

      So this week we moved. No more running to the beach but it's OK because in our new place there is a gym. So look out world, I m going to get jacked, so jacked I can't fit through doors. I  don't know about you but I'm excited. My companion did a lot of working out before the misison so he is going to help me get super swoll. If you are wondering what any of those words mean, ask some one near by, maybe your neighbor or a close friend or go to the gym and ask the manager what it means. :) love you guys
     We have been having a good time bikin around talking to everybody. We picked up a new guy on Monday. It was super cool with him because we talked to him like a month ago. We gave him 2 Book of Mormons and we had a return appointment but couldnt find where he lived. So we were really troubled by it and then one day like 2 weeks later we ran into him just randomly on the street. God loves us. So we got his address again and we have been by and  finally caught him. He told us that he usually would never stop [and talk to us] but for some reason that night,  he felt like he should and we were able to give him the book of Mormons, one for him and one for his brother who is going through a hard time. So we are pretty pumped to see that God is really helping us with this guy.
     Well, I love you guys, stay awesome. the new Ghostbusters looks interesting. The US Open is this week, that should be neat. And noisy. But all is good in the hood here.
Love,  Elder Richards

This is blonde squad, Bishop's family. They all blonde except Bishop Baltzer. Cool peeps!
Also met the lead guitar guy for  Imagine Dragons this week. They are a cool family as well.

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