Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Get that corn out of my face! movie quote June 27, 2016

Dear Family

     We have had a good week. We found some new investigators so that's really awesome! One guy we just contacted on the street. At first he didn't really seemed to be into it but the more we talked, the more he seemed to listen. We taught him like the full Restoration (lesson) on the street and then he just straight left to go into his house before we could even said anything. He was all like "well, dinner is ready" then walked off, haha. That was about a week ago. And then we ran into him again and we were able to finish up the Restoration and he seems pretty solid at this point. He actually knows some members and he also seems like he is looking to increase his faith so that is cooooooool. But one of the best things ever is his friend Walter. Walter is usually outside his house. He is just the coolest guy. He is super friendly and he just strolls up and starts rubbing up your leg and just wants to be petted. Walter is a cat, a very big cat. I mean like super fat.
     So apparently when you mix free food and old ladies, people just get savage. For a service project we helped pass out and place food for people in need. There were a ton of people but the old ladies is what I will focus on for a minute. These ladies are for real savage. They started bickering back and forth and for a sec I thought the one old lady was going to punch the other one. Now that would have been super interesting but it's a good thing that we broke them up before that happened, haha. They would like climb over each other to brag stuff sometimes. Once it got to the end, we let them take as much as they wanted and they for real just started going hard. One lady grabbed like 6 bags of apples when we said they could have as much as they wanted, haha. People are fun :) Sevice with a smile. 
      Have Itold you skate is life. Cali life man. 
I love you guys.
The babies are really cute.
We are going to be getting our new mission president this week so that should be fun. 

Elder Richards
This is Walter

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