Friday, December 25, 2015

lava lava December 14, 2015

Dear Family
     To start off, transfers happened and I'm staying in Cerritos with Elder Nuttall and not much changed.
Since it was the end of a transfer, there was, of course, a departure fireside for the leaving missionaries. For those, you are not allowed to go unless you have an investigator there.  There is one member of our ward who took in a homeless guy that we have been teaching lately. To be honest, the member has been teaching him more then we have ha. But anyway, he came to Church and that's when we asked him if he would like to go to the fireside with the member. He agreed. When we got there, we waited for a little bit outside waiting for those 2 to come. But what we didn't know is that the investigator, Eric, actually drove himself and was waiting for us. The member couldn't make it. After a little  waiting and then a few minutes a realization, we got in and he sat down with us. As we waited, he told us about how he has always had a struggle with religion. Even though he had everything you could possibly want before he was homeless, house, family, car, job, he still felt like there was something missing. He has watched the restoration video like 7 times, or maybe more, and he tells us that he really likes it because every time he watches he learns something new he said. When we first met him he didn't really think that he could learn from us but after the Spirit had softened him up a little , now he seems alot more open to us. I guess the reason I tell you about him is because he has been on my mind lately. Elder Nuttall and I have some good hopes for him. 
     Another experience with the Spirit softening people up was this guy Andrew. We knocked on his door and he didn't seem to interested but when we got in I asked if we could say a prayer. He shut me down. But after we shared a scripture and talked and testified about the atonement, he really seemed to focus a little more. At the end, I asked him if we could say a prayer again, and he was cool with it. The Spirit can really work with people to soften their hearts, and make them more receptive to our teaching. It's really cool. 
      This week we had the Ward Christmas party. The sisters wanted to sing so of course we got dragged into it. I could feel my face turning red as we sang, you know what I'm talking about. But apparently the mic that we used didn't really seem to work so people couldn't really hear us anyway, tender mercies haha. It was still cool and I didn't really mind it anyway. One of the sister missionaries dad made lava lava ties for us so it was totally worth it. We also got a picture with Santa, and his beard was real. yeah 
    (Editor's note: The following is in answer to a question we had sent about his Christmas tree)  I made the star out of note cards, then I ran a Christmas light up to the top and put the make shift star on top, like a boss.
     That was a little of my week.
Stay awesome and the Church is true.

Elder Richards

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