Thursday, March 3, 2016

Life is good, life is great and I'm tired right now..... March 1, 2016

Marion's Baptism

Dear Family,
     You are right, the Devil does really get in the way of things. But not this time muchachos because Marion's baptism was good. There were not a whole lot of people there but he didn't want a lot of people there anyway, is what he told us. I was really pumped because he asked me to baptize him. I had to dunk him twice because the first time his toe came up, but the second time he was all in. He made it kinda hard to pull him back up because when he went under he would kick his feet out and then as I was trying to pull him up, he didn't put his feet back down on the floor, haha ,but it was still really good. He came up and just stood there and smiled for a good while, then he opened his eyes and whispered to me "Did you get them all?" haha yes, all of your sins are washed away, haha. I thought it was pretty funny.  Then I totally forgot to bring a change of clothes so I was sitting in wet clothes for a while, but you couldn't tell so we were good. Marion was actually sick through this whole thing but he didn't want to push it back. So he was baptized. It was great. The Spirit was strong. 
     Life is good but I'm tired because we just got back from the Temple. So yeah, waking up at 3:30 am and going to LA Temple is always fun but you are tired as a slab of chicken breasts on a rainbow. But like I said, it is always great to go to the Temple. I love it every single time. I keep seeing and talking to the same old guy that works there. He really nice but they all pretty much are. After the Temple, our ride decided to take us to breakfast and we got some gosh darn good french toast. Then we had a little trip to a candy store where there were just boxes on boxes of candy, like a kids castle shop for candy. It was cool.
     I also just wanted to mention how good it was to confirm big M (Marion) as a member. As we stood in a circle, I just felt the Spirit super strong. It was nice .It's always interesting when the Spirit hits you like a bag of wet kidney beans. But yeah, life is good for us right now.
  I love you guys 
Elder Richards
PS: Batman vs Superman must be pretty big now because there are poster and billboards every where downtown, for it. 
PPS:  that tie you gave me is awesome. Thanks for everything. You guys are awesome.

Elder Miura and Elder Richards at the Los Angeles Temple March 1, 2016

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