Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Bam March 14, 2016

Dear Family,
     I will tell you of the awesome thing that happened this week. We have a 9 year old investigator named Jyssika, and she has told us that she wants to get baptized but then won't as soon as we try and set a date. So that's a little bit of a struggle but we were working on it.  One night we were about to get ready for bed and we got a text saying Jyssika wants to get baptized and this time she means it! haha, not exactly those words but pretty much. So we went over and we found out that she really meant it, ha.  One night while they were reading the scriptures as a family, they read about someone getting baptized and she just decided then that she wanted to get baptized so she "could live with Heavenly Father " haha I love it!  We had a lesson with her and we set a date for Mar 26.  That will come up soon. While we were teaching the lesson, she was telling everyone in her family that they need to get baptized, haha like multiple times, in their face haha. She was like "Grandma, you need to be baptized so we can be together. and you too,  Briana! ( her sister)". To be honest, they felt the Spirit at the Temple and in the lesson so we have a good feeling about that family.  That has been a miracle.
     The rest of the week was kinda normal, talking to people and meetings. I am pretty excited though because we have a new Easter intiative we are sharing with everyone and it is really cool. It's called HALLELUJAH. I flippin love it. Check it out and share it with people. It really is good, warms the heart, good stuff. 
and I look pretty good in a lavalava 
Elder Richards
she's the Sister that gave me the lavalava

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