Tuesday, February 23, 2016

PE....February 22, 2016

Dear family,

     I thought I would tell you that I have eaten more Panda Express in the last transfer than I have in my entire life. That's what happens when your companion is from Japan, ha. 
     Now that that is out of the way, I will tell you how the week has been. The week has been fun, to be honest. We found a lot of people in the beginning of the week and then we had a few field trips. Our first little trip that we took was, of course, to Huntington Beach to teach a Japanese lady that just loves to pile on the food. Non stop. Like we already ate dinner and she made us another just in case and she just kept coming out with more and more food. I was so full I couldn't walk straight haha. Our second trip was to downtown LA. Elder Miura had to go downtown so that he can renew his passport. It was pretty fun to walk and drive around downtown LA. I saw the music place that is in the movie Get Smart (Disney Hall) and from a distance saw the Hollywood sign. Cool stuff. We, of course, went down Broadway and all these different streets. There is this one part of LA that is little, just roads with just a ton of homeless people and panhandlers. It was kind of sad to see it. It really makes you appreciate the things that we do have. Then we went up to Whittier for a zone conference, it was good. We gave a miracle story and President Tew said it was the second most interesting one that he had every heard, haha. The story was about how this one lady rear ended us a couple of weeks ago and since we had her information like her address from the crash, we stopped by her house and picked her up as a new investigator, haha nailed it. 
     Marion just had his baptismal interview and he is good to go on Saturday. Now we just need to get all the times and who is doing what and we will be ready. It is truly awesome to see how excited he is about all of this and the steps he is making towards Christ. He's a funny guy. Sometimes he will just talk your ear off about the most random stuff like diabetes and sugar, love this man haha. 
     Well keep it groovy like a smoothie and love,
Elder Richards

Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles

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